About Andrew

I am a young & motivated programmer, I enjoy what I do and am very enthusiastic about it

My name is Andrew Dean and I am a current second year undergraduate at the University of Northampton studying Game Development BSC which I topped up from a HND.

Although I study Game Development, I wish to pursue a career in website/application development as they are the areas I am most passionate about. This encouraged me to create this web portfolio.

During my time in university I have learnt many programing languages & skills which I am always developing and building on.

If you have any website/application related projects/vacancies, feel free to contact me in the contact section of the website, or download my CV which includes more information about me and my skills.

Here are some of the languages I've learnt

  • HTML / HTML 5
  • CSS / LESS
  • Javascript / Jquery / Jquery UI (and other frameworks)
  • JAVA
  • C++ / C#
  • AS2 / AS3
I am very confident with the majority of web programming languages and am familiar with several frameworks such as bootstrap and foundation and am always learning more. Websites are my strongest area as I was taught a lot at university and through an internship but also by myself in my spare time, I prefer to mainly program websites but also have experience with CMS systems such as wordpress.
When it comes to applications I am experienced in Java & C++ & C# and understand both languages well. I am currently building a messaging program for android as part of a university assignment and am learning C++ more in depth in another module.

Thanks to new technology, apps can be packaged using web programming languages and I have had experience using this to create some applications which have cross platform compatiblity with both android and ios.
During my first year of university I was taught how to use actionscript which I have been able to creat basic 2D games with and am more experienced since then.

My course is now focusing on 3D game engines and I am currently learning Unreal Engine which is going well, and I understand blueprints and the user interface.


Database Driven Websites

I am able to create database driven websites such as blogs and job websites using languages such as PHP and MYSQL.

I have proven my knowledge in several projects I've taken on and you will be able to view and use a few of them in my portfolio.

Visual Websites

I believe a websites appearance will determine how well a business does and have made some professional looking websites for some clients and in my own personal projects.

Servers & Hosting

Unfortunately, most students do not have hands on experience on setting up a server or hosting a website as University focuses on the programming side. However, I researched about servers & hosting as I believed it would help me in the future having hands on experience.

Problem Solving

During my time programming, problem solving has been an important aspect as without it things can go terribly wrong and I believe I am able to tackle any problems head on and always give it my best.


I’m able to break down and manage tasks effectively. Throughout my A levels and university studies, as well as during my internship, I used Excel to organise and manage tasks in a visual way using gant charts.

I will always learn from my mistakes and incorporate solutions into future work.


During my first year of University after I had finished, I was able to get offered an internship which lead to my passion in web development, taught me a lot about websites and gave me a lot of invaluable experience which I wouldn’t have learnt from university, such as cross platform support and several different tools which can be utilized when building a website.

Hardware & Software

Over the years I have built several computers including my own and a personal sever so I know what’s in my computer and how it all works. This has helped me develop my technical skills and given me a better understanding of how software works.

Creative Side

Although I am primarily a programmer I still have a creative side and have good experience and knowledge of using Photoshop and Photography which I learnt in my A levels during Photography AS and have continued my learning on my own.


Here are some projects that I have done for my university assignments and clients